Concert at the Columns, 8/1/14 Review

by Jess Jones

I recently had the pleasure of listening to an artist by the name of David DeLeon as he performed at the Columns in Seattle. It initially caught my attention as I was passing by as that space had recently been used as a focal point for those of us who are believing that there is a need to encourage a change and more compassionate response within our communities and city. I found it synchronistic and oddly compelling. Stopping and listening to this earnest and thoughtful artist I found myself drawn into the performance , the sense of potential and expectant awakening implied in the verse and melody.

There is a sense when you take a moment to listen to the composition and arrangement that clearly there is an awakening and progression that is foretold, expressed as a promise of a greater and deeper musical condition.

There is a natural and straightforward aspect to his vocals that can easily be lost in the sounds about him. There were times as he sung and he allowed himself to commit to himself, the words of the song he shared his voice took on a deeply resonate and generous timbre that seemed to dispel the sounds and distractions of the space and invited you to see what he was seeing, to enter into a place of his emotional perceptions and hopes of what may be. And then suddenly, he would become aware of those around and his vocal strength would falter. At those times it occurred to me that if this artist somehow found the capacity to trust his own voice, to risk of his inner vision and step out and abandon himself to his song we would see that incredible and rare moment that we as the observer rarely are allowed to view: an artist with not only the talent to take the stage but also one who has something worth saying, as well as hearing.

Take the time and observe David Deleon as he expresses himself with the guitar. A person could find that at those moments when melody and word fell short in his performance he gave expression with the strings of the guitar. Watch the hands, the fingers as he expresses the notes in such a manner that they are distinct and evident in the music. There are moments when you see in the method he applies to his playing the skill and expertise that is not achieved merely in repetitious practice but must also be ignited by a joy and abandon found in the music the musician and the song.

Velvet Moon. This is the name of what could be the most definative and representational song of this artist. As he sang and we listened to his words he shared the vision of transformation, a sense that at that moment, there before the Columns and we as witness was declared a potential, a call to be more, to see a growing hope and awareness that was possible. Looking out upon the city, this voice falling upon the streets below, the concrete and metal being touched by the notes that seemed to bring a touch of magic I and those who listened found a willingness to see this hope that he conveyed.

This artist is scheduled to perform again at the Columns on the 22nd of this month. Performance begins at 5:30 PM and continues until 8:30. I shall be in attendance and encourage you, my lovelies to come and listen to this musician. I shall have people with me who shall record and capture the moment and performance. It is my thought that on the day of the performance I shall spend time at Westlake, visit with Momma Love and her crowd. I shall lounge amongst the skateboarding riff raff and encourage their amazing feats of outrageous exploits. (I don't think we shall force the closing of a street for that purpose) And then it occurs to me that up the hill I must travel to spin the prayer wheel and gaze upon the lovely woman OF The Vajra finding a sense of mystery and lovely elegance in their spiritual presence. And from there I shall wend my way to Pike and Boren to see what might be sung into being, what end or expression might we find at the Columns and see what a musician, armed only with his voice, and earnest and compelling song, and just a touch of hope and magic might create.